We are experts in die cutting:

  • Managing custom and intricate shapes to precise measurements
  • More than three decades of experience


  • Bobst 102SE (28” x 40”)
  • Thompson (33” x 47”)
  • Kluge (14” x 20”)
  • Windmill

Die Cut Services… All-in-One Package

Precise can custom design steel rule dies to your exact specifications in order to shape, cut or stamp out parts and blanks.  If your product design requires a window opening in a box, we have the expertise in die cutting paperboard with intricate shapes which are cut to Precise tolerances by our professional craftsmen.   We have the ability to die cut paperboard from 6 to 100 points caliper or more!

Custom packaging


Any special shape or size of a window can be cut into your packaging after it is printed.  We have the capability to create a paper box with a transparent window allowing your product to be viewed without sacrificing product protection.  Our box manufacturing facility can apply windows to both chipboard and corrugated boxes.  We have the know-how to create window film from 2 to 5 millimeters in thickness.


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